Hard Code Hungary Kft.

Back in 2011 the original team of engineers, angel investors and sales personel founded a smart home startup. In the really beginning of the startup revolution in the CEE region. By using embedded computing + machine learning it aimed to solve some security and energy efficiency problem you (may) face in your appartment or office. It turned out that we are way before our customer’s needs, years before even Google Home or Amazon Echo were introduced. The smart home industry looked pretty much different that it is today.

After a few mayor strategic shift, it became a predictive maintenance service provider for the manufacturing industry. It was – and is now – a big potential for distrupters like us. Because of some mayor fuck-ups (we held a Meetup dedicated just to this story in 2016), the company couldn’t survive.

The core team of engineers stick together and formed Hard Code to leverage our 6 years of experience and help customers build viable products. We understood, that the key element of success is not the techy part, it is always the business aspect. So why not outsource the techy part and focus on business development? We are the first in our region doing what we do.

Hard Code’s strategy and ambition are based on 3 key values that guide our expansion: entrepreneurial spirit, creating something meaningful and mutual trust.